We regret to announce that zConnection is now closed. You can continue to find quality culture, lifestyle, and current affairs coverage on our affiliated website, The Targe.
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Connor Beaton (@zcbeaton)
Connor co-founded zConnection in January 2007 and remains its administrative head and lead writer. He developed the site infrastructure and contributed the majority of the site’s content for the past half decade. more »
Jai Harrison (@zcJai)
Jai co-founded zConnection in January 2007 and managed it until 2008. Recently, he has served only in a consulting capacity. Being English, he naturally also makes tea for the rest of us. more »
Mat Growcott (@matgrowcott)
Mat joined the site staff towards the start of 2012 as a news editor and reviewer, and has since proved himself to be a valuable asset by providing prompt, quality copy. more »
Jorge S. Fernandez
Jorge is a frequent contributor to zConnection who joined the team as a game reviewer in 2009. He has continued to produce quality editorials and reviews for the website. more »
Steven Ross (@zcsteven)
Steven joined the team in 2011. An aspiring artist and semi-professional procrastinator, he provides most of our Xbox 360 coverage, and takes the role of art director for the site. more »
Georgia Grainger (@zcgeorgie)
Georgia joined the site team as TV and Film Editor in 2011 and has proved her range of skills through her great writing, pedantic pixel-counting, and her presence as primary event photographer. more »
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