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Team Fortress 2
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Feb 2012
Secret Team Fortress 2 Project In The Works
A blog entry on the official Team Fortress 2 website has teased a brand new project slated for 2012, with little elaboration besid ... more »
Jul 2010
Countdown To The Engineer Update Begins
The much-teased Engineer Update for Valve’s online shooter Team Fortress 2 is on the way, with Valve beginning their typical ... more »
Apr 2010
Law Abiding Engineer Should Be A Real Film
I’ve seen a lot of machinima in my time; hell, I watched a montage of award-winning machinima in a dark room at the Edinburg ... more »
Dec 2009
Is Team Fortress 3 On The Horizon?
With the recent “Sniper vs. Spy” updates and the hints at an upcoming update encompassing the Demoman and Soldier clas ... more »
Oct 2009
Team Fortress 2 Massively Discounted
If you don’t yet have the awesome piece of multi-player class-based action that is Valve’s Team Fortress 2, now is you ... more »
Oct 2009
Meet the TF2 Sniper’s Assets
The good ol’ folks at Valve have wrapped up work on Left 4 Dead 2, which means that the TF2 team are back in action, and tod ... more »
May 2009
Intense Speculation On Meet the Spy “Leak” Begins
Valve’s classic Meet the Team machinima series which introduces each Team Fortress 2 class in a witty video has already cove ... more »
Feb 2009
Team Fortress 2 Scout Update Coming In A Week
Valve, developers of the critically acclaimed Counter-Strike and Half-Life game series, have announced today that the Scout Update ... more »
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