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SoulCalibur V
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Jan 2012
SoulCalibur V (PS3) Review
The staples of the SoulCalibur franchise are present as ever in the series’ latest iteration, SoulCalibur V: we’ve got ... more »
Jan 2012
Gymbox Presents SoulCalibur Swordsman Workout
SoulCalibur V publisher Namco Bandai and London-based fitness centre Gymbox have teamed up to present the SoulCalibur V Swordsman ... more »
Dec 2011
Photoshoot For SoulCalibur V Cosplay Winner
Namco Bandai have announced a cosplay competition in which the winner will be treated to an in-costume photo shoot with a top Lond ... more »
Dec 2011
SoulCalibur V Hands-On Preview
[htmv width=355 height=200]scv4[/htmv]In basic gameplay, SoulCalibur V hasn’t changed much from its predecessor. It runs on ... more »
Nov 2011
Four Soulcalibur V Characters Unveiled
Four new characters were today confirmed for the Soulcalibur V line-up, signalling a return for Cervantes, Aeon, and Tekken fan fa ... more »
Nov 2011
Soulcalibur V “Creation Mode” Detailed
Namco Bandai have detailed the “Creation Mode” in Soulcalibur V, which allows players to create their own character fo ... more »
Oct 2011
Soulcalibur V’s Ezio Is “Straightforward”
Following Assassin’s Creed lead Ezio Auditore’s confirmation as a Soulcalibur V guest character, Namco Bandai’s ... more »
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