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Resident Evil 6
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Oct 2012
Does Resident Evil 6 Measure Up To Its Predecessors?
Last week, I wrote an essay of sorts over at my website questioning whether Resident Evil 6 lives up to its predecessors. Instead ... more »
Feb 2012
Resident Evil 6’s New Monsters, The J’avo
Aside from the reimagined zombies, Resident Evil 6’s antagonists are the J’avo, named by the BSAA in the game after th ... more »
Feb 2012
Resident Evil 6 Boasts “Evolved Control System”
Capcom today released further details pertaining to Resident Evil 6, which touched upon the game’s setting, antagonists, and ... more »
Jan 2012
Six-Player Co-Op For Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6, currently slated for a worldwide launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20th, will feature six-player c ... more »
Jan 2012
Capcom Unveil Resident Evil 6 Trailer
The sixth instalment in the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise has been officially confirmed, with Capcom releasing an anno ... more »
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