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Portal 2
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Nov 2012
Portal 2 Scores PlayStation Move Support
Sixense and Valve are bringing PlayStation Move support to the single- and multi-player campaigns of Portal 2, Sony confirmed on t ... more »
May 2012
Evaluating Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative
Portal 2 was easily one of my favorite games of 2011, and like its predecessor there was only one major complaint that most people ... more »
Mar 2012
Portal 2 Takes Best Game At BAFTA VGAs
Portal 2 has left the British Academy Video Game Awards with the title of “Best Game”, beating out competing nominees ... more »
Apr 2011
Portal 2 Review
Amongst my friends and I, Valve are almost revered; we’re all hardcore gamers and customers of Steam, and Valve’s dedi ... more »
Apr 2011
Portal 2 Launches On Steam
Valve’s hugely anticipated first-person puzzle game Portal 2 has launched on Steam and is currently retailing at a price of ... more »
Dec 2010
EA To Distribute Portal 2 At Retail
Valve’s highly anticipated Portal 2 will be distributed at retail by Electronic Arts, who previously distributed The Orange ... more »
Aug 2010
Portal 2 Release Date and New Voice Actor
Valve has revealed at Gamescom that Portal 2 will be released on February 9, 2011. In addition, they told us that the British robo ... more »
Mar 2010
Portal 2 Not Coming To PlayStation 3?
Valve have confirmed that the sequel to the award-winning intuitive first-person “shooter” Portal is being developed f ... more »
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