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Sep 2012
Minecraft Developer Rejects Windows 8
Minecraft developer Markus Persson has joined the ranks of many PC developers, including Gabe Newell, who have criticised Windows ... more »
May 2012
Minecraft Hits Xbox 360 Today, At Last
Immense indie hit Minecraft will become available for download from Xbox LIVE today as part of Microsoft’s “Arcade NEX ... more »
Mar 2012
Minecraft To Introduce Modding API
While Mojang’s open-world adventure game Minecraft has been subject to plenty of fan modification since its initial launch, ... more »
Dec 2010
Minecraft Hits Beta, Gets Price Hike
Addictive sandbox adventure Minecraft from indie developer Notch will hit beta on December 20th, the developer’s blog announ ... more »
Sep 2010
Minecraft Player Creates In-Game 16-Bit Computer
Minecraft is insanely addictive. We’ve seen all sorts of things come out of it, including a 1:1 scale replica of the starshi ... more »
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