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Feb 2013
Magicka Is Coming To iPad and Android Tablets
The appropriately-titled Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet will be making its way to Apple’s App Store and Google Play l ... more »
Jan 2012
Magicka Celebrates One Year Anniversary
Paradox Interactive’s indie hit Magicka today celebrates a year since its launch, during which it has shipped over 1.3 milli ... more »
Dec 2011
Magicka: “The Stars Are Left” DLC Review
The Stars Are Left is far less forgiving than the “vanilla” Magicka. I only say this at the beginning of the review be ... more »
Dec 2011
Magicka Collection (PC) Review
Magicka is a game that has received a lot of attention; fans and press praise it, and most gamers with access to the Internet will ... more »
Oct 2011
Magicka DLC Mocks Minecraft, Lovecraft
Cthulhu might be coming to wreak havoc when the stars are right, but it seems the opposite is true in Magicka: The Stars Are Left, ... more »
May 2011
Magicka And Cities In Motion Get Japan Themed DLC
Paradox Interactive have announced two pieces of upcoming downloadable content which introduce Japanese-themed content to Magicka ... more »
Apr 2011
Magicka: Vietnam Launched Today
The first major piece of downloadable content for Magicka has arrived in the form of Magicka: Vietnam, a map pack for the satirica ... more »
Jan 2011
Magicka Released Today, £7.99 On Steam
The satirical action-adventure game Magicka, which we described as “Zelda: Four Swords as written by Terry Pratchett”, ... more »
Dec 2010
Magicka Hands-On Preview
Magicka can probably best be described as a tongue-in-cheek parody of almost every work of fantasy out there, presented as an in ... more »
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