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Left 4 Dead
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May 2012
Left 4 Dead and Payday Cross-Over Incoming
A statement released by Ulf Andersson of Overkill Software, developer of last year’s Payday: The Heist, seems to suggest tha ... more »
Oct 2010
R.I.P. Bill from Left 4 Dead
The conclusion of Valve’s epic four-part comic The Sacrifice sees dedicated zombie-killer and ‘Nam veteran Bill die ... more »
Oct 2010
Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice Review
Valve is an extraordinary company. Despite Left 4 Dead 2’s success, the team continue to update its predecessor with bug fix ... more »
Aug 2010
Left 4 Dead’s Upcoming DLC Requires Sacrifice
Today Valve announced the next chapter in the Left 4 Dead saga, and it’s coming to more games and platforms than you might t ... more »
Sep 2009
House Meets Left 4 Dead And It Rocks
Okay, so it’s not an official crossover, nor is it a real campaign, but it’s still pretty damn cool. dA user mishinsilo has wh ... more »
Jul 2009
New Left 4 Dead Patch Causes Crash, Here’s A Fix
Some Left 4 Dead players have experienced crash errors since the release of today’s update which added a lobby browser. This err ... more »
Jul 2009
Left 4 Winchester Has Not Been Left For Dead
The Shaun of the Dead-inspired Left 4 Dead mod known as Left 4 Winchester has apparently not been cancelled. The last update on ... more »
Jun 2009
Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools Available Next Week
Valve have announced that the Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools will come out of beta next week, allowing modders and mappers to release ... more »
Apr 2009
Left 4 Dead: Survival Pack Review
The first piece of downloadable content (or DLC) for Valve’s highly lauded zombie shoot-’em-up Left 4 Dead was released on Tue ... more »
Feb 2009
Left 4 Dead DLC & SDK Details
Valve Corporation, publishers and developers of the critically acclaimed Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Team Fortress franchise ... more »
Jan 2009
Play.com Predicts PS3 Left 4 Dead?
PlayStation 3 fans have been pleading for a port of Valve’s hugely popular co-operative multiplayer zombie shooter Left 4 Dead f ... more »
Oct 2008
Dude, Where’s My Thumb? Left 4 Dead Contest
Valve Corporation, globally renowned developers of titles such as the incomparable Half-Life 2 and addictive puzzle shooter Port ... more »
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