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Jan 2013
Dishonored Developer’s Take On Half-Life 2 Pictured
Arkane Studios, developer of our 2012 Game of the Year Dishonored, was reportedly working on an episodic instalment in the Half-Li ... more »
Sep 2011
Gabe Newell writes haiku on Episode 3
Although the source cannot be confirmed, a post on reddit appearing to be an email exchange between a hopeful fan and Valve direct ... more »
Jul 2009
The Truth Behind ValveTestApp490
Valve have caused quite a stir lately after thousands of Steam users discovered a new entry in their Steam games list, an icon ... more »
Feb 2009
Valve Stunned By Half-Life 2 Fanfilm
A few people might have caught sight of the above video on YouTube, it being the first part of an HL2-inspired fan series dire ... more »
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