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Doctor Who
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Sep 2012
Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy Review
After opening its seventh season with two solid episodes, it seems almost inevitable that Doctor Who’s winning streak has to ... more »
Sep 2012
Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Review
You might have little faith in an episode with a title like Dinosaurs on a Spaceship living up to the standard set by this season& ... more »
Sep 2012
Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks Review
Daleks haven’t been scary for a while now; 2005’s Dalek was a new-generation introduction of the classic monster in as ... more »
Aug 2012
Doctor Who Season 7 Preview
Tomorrow night, Doctor Who starts again on British screens for what will be its seventh season since the 2005 reboot, and the last ... more »
Jul 2012
Doctor Who Opens With Daleks And Dinosaurs
If you’re the type that likes to go into a new series of your favourite television programme knowing next to nothing about i ... more »
Jul 2012
Diana Rigg and Daughter To Appear In “Doctor Who”
Diana Rigg, known best for her roles as Emma Peel in the 1960s’ The Avengers and as Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in On Her Maj ... more »
May 2012
Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience Opens July 20th
Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience will officially open on July 20th, BBC Worldwide announced today. The award-winning attracti ... more »
May 2012
“Doctor Who” To Premiere At Edinburgh TV Festival
The first episode of “Doctor Who” season seven will première at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television ... more »
Mar 2012
Doctor Who Convention Overview
There are myriad reasons why BBC Worldwide’s claim of this year’s official Doctor Who Convention being the “ulti ... more »
Mar 2012
Karen Gillan And Arthur Darvill: What’s Next?
The ancient and eccentric protagonist of British sci-fi show “Doctor Who” can travel through time at will, but unfortu ... more »
Mar 2012
Ponds’ “Doctor Who” Departure Set In New York
The departure of Amy Pond and Rory Williams in seminal sci-fi “Doctor Who” will come in the seventh series’ fift ... more »
Mar 2012
Jenna-Louise Coleman Is New “Doctor Who” Companion
Emmerdale star Jenna-Louise Coleman will be taking the role of the Doctor’s new companion following Karen Gillan and Arthur ... more »
Mar 2012
Crew Members Join Doctor Who Convention
Doctor Who crew members Stephen Nicholas (pictured above) and Lindsay Bonaccorsi, who work on the show as supervising art director ... more »
Feb 2012
First “Doctor Who” Season 7 Set Photo Released
Shooting for Doctor Who’s seventh season began in Cardiff on Monday morning, as we’ve already reported, but today the ... more »
Feb 2012
Season 7 Shooting Begins On “Doctor Who”
Shooting has begun on the seventh season of British sci-fi show Doctor Who, the BBC confirmed this morning via a tweet from the of ... more »
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