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Dark Souls
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Jun 2013
Dark Souls II Gameplay Promises Dragons and Death
From Software’s Dark Souls was a frustratingly difficult action-adventure game that harked back to the unadulterated challen ... more »
Sep 2012
Unofficial Dark Souls Patch Unlocks Framerate
An unofficial mod for the PC version of Dark Souls has apparently unlocked the game’s arbitrary framerate restriction. From ... more »
Sep 2012
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Review
When asked about their scariest gaming memories, most gamers may recall the most iconic moments from popular horror games, such as ... more »
Jul 2012
Ren Martin Interview: Talking About Dark Souls: Unsung
When Parallel Digital first announced their Dark Souls fan series, Dark Souls: Unsung, I saw a variety of responses: some derisive ... more »
May 2012
Dark Souls Fan Series Seeking Funding
A small group of filmmakers going by the name of Parallel Digital are looking for funds to shoot a mini-series based on RPG hit Da ... more »
May 2012
Dark Souls Will Be Available Without GFWL
Rabid PC gamers can put down their pitchforks now: From Software have confirmed that the upcoming PC version of Dark Souls will st ... more »
Apr 2012
Publisher Responds To Dark Souls’ GFWL Criticism
While those who signed the petition asking Namco Bandai and From Software to bring console RPG Dark Souls to Windows PCs will be h ... more »
Apr 2012
PC Version of Dark Souls Brings “Enhanced PVP”
Fans of Dark Souls who took issue with the uncontrollable nature of the game’s multiplayer features will be excited to hear ... more »
Apr 2012
Dark Souls Headed To PC In August
Following a large push from fans, it appears a PC version of From Software’s hugely successful and infamously difficult RPG ... more »
Jan 2012
42,000 Back Dark Souls PC Port
A petition asking for a PC port of From Software’s notoriously difficult Xbox 360 and PS3 RPG Dark Souls has reached over 42 ... more »
Oct 2011
Dark Souls (PS3) Review
By all rights, I ought to hate Dark Souls. I can’t think of a single game that’s responsible for causing me so much sl ... more »
Jun 2011
Dark Souls Confirmed For October 7th Launch
Namco Bandai have officially confirmed that Dark Souls, spiritual successor to the vastly successful PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon ... more »
Mar 2011
Dark Souls Details, Screenshots Released
Namco Bandai have released more details on Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to the ridiculously difficult PS3 exclusive Demon&# ... more »
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