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Breaking Bad
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Aug 2012
Why Did Britain Miss Out On Breaking Bad?
It’s astounding: one of the most critically acclaimed television dramas in recent years, possibly the most compelling progra ... more »
Jul 2012
“Breaking Bad” Pulls In Thirteen Emmy Nominations
AMC’s Breaking Bad, now going into its fifth and supposedly final series, has pulled in thirteen nominations in the 64th Pri ... more »
Jul 2012
“Breaking Bad” Cast Pick Apart Walter White
Tim Surette from TV.com prompted a discussion of character Walter White amongst members of the Breaking Bad cast at the San Diego ... more »
Jun 2012
Comic-Con To See “Breaking Bad” Première
Speaking at a two-hour Los Angeles Film Festival session called “Cooking a Contemporary Classic: A Conversation with Breakin ... more »
May 2012
Final “Breaking Bad” Season Premieres July
The fifth and final season of Emmy award-winning drama “Breaking Bad” will premiere on AMC on July 15th at 10 PM, the ... more »
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