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Jun 2013
BlackBerry Scholars Programme is excellent move
Careers in science, technology, and engineering are dominated by men. Statistics vary throughout time and space, but oft-cited fig ... more »
Feb 2013
Unity Adds BlackBerry 10 Deployment Support
BlackBerry and Unity announced this morning their collaboration to create a Unity deployment add-on for BlackBerry 10 smartphones ... more »
Feb 2013
BlackBerry 10 Ropes In Canadian iPhone, Android Users
Half of those who have preregistered for BlackBerry 10 phones at Canadian carriers are currently iPhone or Android users, claims T ... more »
Jan 2013
New BlackBerry Smartphones Unveiled: Z10 and Q10
As expected, Research In Motion announced its two new flagship handsets earlier today, running on the all-new BlackBerry 10 platfo ... more »
Jan 2013
“Extensive Catalogue” In RIM’s BlackBerry World
We reported the rebrand of BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World last week, and our comments that it may soon play host to film ... more »
Dec 2012
What’s Wrong With The BlackBerry X10?
Allow me to explain a little bias on my own behalf: I’m a BlackBerry owner. I use a BlackBerry Bold 9900, which I purchased ... more »
Dec 2012
BlackBerry L-Series Phone Pictures Leaked From Vietnam
Eighteen pictures of the first BlackBerry 10 series phone have been leaked by Tinhte.vn, showing off what must be the final design ... more »
Nov 2012
More BlackBerry 10 Hardware Images Leaked
Good news for BlackBerry fans, and slightly less good news for RIM: nine low-resolution pictures of an upcoming BlackBerry 10 hand ... more »
Nov 2012
RIM Introduces Free BBM-Based Voice Chat
BlackBerry smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion have announced a new feature for their BlackBerry Messenger platform called ... more »
Nov 2012
BlackBerry 10 Launch Event Slated For 30th January
Research In Motion’s official BlackBerry 10 launch event will take place on 30th January 2013, the Canadian smartphone manuf ... more »
Oct 2012
Sussex Police Department Embrace PlayBook Tablets
Enthusiast publication CrackBerry is reporting that Sussex’s police department is planning to install 400 BlackBerry PlayBoo ... more »
Aug 2012
Heins: BlackBerry 10 Iterations Will Come Yearly
Thorsten Heins, CEO of embattled smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion, has outlined a future for the BlackBerry 10 line of p ... more »
Aug 2012
4G LTE PlayBook Readying For Canadian Launch
A new model of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be launching in Canada on August 9th, the manufacturer a ... more »
Jul 2012
RIM Will “Change The Way People Communicate”
The CEO of Canadian smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion, Thorsten Heins, faces a tough task in turning around a company acc ... more »
Jul 2012
BlackBerry 10 Tablets To Hit In 2012
While BlackBerry 10 smartphones have been delayed until the first quarter of 2013, the platform will still advent this year on the ... more »
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