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BioShock series
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Mar 2013
BioShock Infinite (PS3) Review
BioShock Infinite’s main character, Booker DeWitt, speaks. First-person shooters in which the player’s character speak ... more »
Feb 2013
PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses Abound For BioShock Infinite
Bonuses for those who pre-order BioShock Infinite on PlayStation 3 have been announced through the European PlayStation Blog today ... more »
Feb 2013
All-New BioShock Infinite Screenshots Released
Irrational Games have released three new screenshots of BioShock Infinite ahead of the game’s release, showing off the Motor ... more »
Oct 2012
Countdown Begins To BioShock Infinite Trailer
BioShock Infinite’s official Facebook page is counting down to the release of a new trailer, following months of silence fol ... more »
May 2012
BioShock Infinite Delayed To February 2013
The third instalment in the BioShock franchise won’t hit shelves until February 2013, Irrational Games announced today, push ... more »
Mar 2012
BioShock Infinite October Launch Confirmed
Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite will launch in Europe on October 19th, publisher 2K Games announced today, and in North ... more »
Feb 2012
Why We’re Excited About BioShock Infinite
We’ve been waiting a long time for the much-hyped third instalment in the BioShock franchise, and game director and cynosure ... more »
Jan 2012
Irrational Announce BioShock Infinite “1999 Mode”
Irrational Games have announced “1999 Mode”, a new gameplay mode for BioShock Infinite which will apparently give R ... more »
Jan 2012
BioShock Infinite Developer “Feel The Pressure”
Irrational Games’ Tim Gerritsen spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine, talking about the pressure of living up to the expec ... more »
Jan 2012
BioShock Developer “Disappointed” By Boob Focus
File this under the inexplicable: Irrational Games’ Kev Levine has gone on the record to express his disappointment at the I ... more »
Dec 2011
BioShock 2 To Launch On Mac
Feral Interactive, the same team that brought Batman: Arkham City and Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Mac, have announced a January 2 ... more »
Sep 2010
New BioShock Infinite Screenshots Released
2K and Irrational Games have released a handful of screenshots from BioShock Infinite in advance of the Gamescom gameplay footage ... more »
Aug 2010
BioShock Infinite Announced
Irrational Games, developers of the original BioShock, today unveiled BioShock Infinite, the latest game in the BioShock series. ... more »
Feb 2010
Zelda Font Makes A Brief Cameo In BioShock 2
The above image was captured by Alan Sauer and shows the PC version of 2K Games’ BioShock 2. The interesting part of the ... more »
Feb 2010
BioShock 2 Review
The concept of Rapture, the sunken city which provides the setting for BioShock 2, is fantastic in itself; founded by Andrew R ... more »
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