Swedish developer Fatshark is working on War of the Vikings, a Norse follow-up to last year’s s mediaeval multiplayer game War of the Roses, Paradox Interactive confirmed this week. The game “will pull players into the brutal and bloody Viking Age, challenging them to design a personalised warrior and sack England as a mighty Norseman – or defend it as a brave Saxon”. Fatshark promises intense combat, authentic design, and 64-player battles.

War of the Roses was a fantastic experience for us to launch, and as it’s evolved over time [..] we’ve been inspired many times over by the possibilities of the close-combat genre,” said Gordon Van Dyke, Executive Producer for the franchise. “It’s clear to us that that there are many more experiences we can share with our players, and War of the Vikings is our next step in establishing Paradox and Fatshark as leaders in the art of online war.”

Players can currently sign up to participate in the game’s alpha testing stage over at its official website here.