EA have released four screenshots from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS version of definitive life-sim The Sims 3, showing the game in action and the touch screen’s user interface in detail. Unfortunately, while the screenshots clearly show an improvement upon the visuals in the Nintendo DS version of the game, the graphical fidelity still falls far short of what we expect from the 3DS.

While Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Street Fighter IV 3DS have aptly demonstrated the capabilities of the 3DS in terms of graphics, all but one of these screenshots show blocky characters with low-resolution, undetailed textures, marred not by technological limitation but by choice, and this choice certainly does not enhance the style or appearance of the game in any way.

As the game is yet to be released and we haven’t had hands-on yet, we can’t say for certain whether these represent the quality of the final game, but it seems likely at this stage. We’ve no reason to believe the game makes stellar use of the autostereoscopy feature, but it may compensate for the low quality visuals. You can check out the offending screenshots below.

Image Image Image Image
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