Peripheral manufacturer Razer today announced a partnership with Riot Games to provide official, Collector’s Edition peripherals for League of Legends. The range includes the “Razer Naga Hex”, a gaming mouse specifically designed for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games such as League of Legends (allegedly the “only mouse on the planet” designed with MOBA in mind), with six mechanic thumb buttons and League of Legends branding.

The limited edition mouse can also be paired with the Collector’s Edition “Razer Goliathus” mousemat, which is designed to enable swift movements by virtue of a “slick speed-enhancing surface”. Both the Naga Hex and the Goliathus come with a special code which unlocks the Tryndamere champion and one of his skins, which usually costs in-game Rune Points.

“We’re ecstatic to be able to bring to market peripherals that are custom-designed for domination in the most competitive e-Sports title today,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, CEO, and creative director of Razer. “Partnering with Riot Games is a step forward for hard-core PC gamers everywhere. We have been strong supporters of the League of Legends scene since its inception and continue to sponsor some of the world’s top teams.”

You can find out more on the League of Legends section of the Razer website here.