As of 8th February, the PlayStation Network moniker will be dropped from PlayStation 3 consoles in favour of Sony Entertainment Network, Sony have announced. No action is necessary on the behalf of users, who will continue to use their PSN account’s credentials to log into to Sony Entertainment Network, but the move is the first towards creating a unified network between all of Sony’s online services.

“The goal is for there to be one networked log-in for all Sony services,” said a spokesperson for the company. “By changing the name PlayStation Network account to Sony Entertainment Network account, it helps clarify the unity between PSN and other Sony Entertainment Network services.”

The change will be introduced to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita through a software update which will become available this week. The change will not apply to PlayStation Portable devices, which will continue to refer to the online service as PlayStation Network. The SEN terms and conditions also contain new clauses covering location-based gaming on the Vita.