While Mojang’s open-world adventure game Minecraft has been subject to plenty of fan modification since its initial launch, the game will soon feature a full-scale modding API for the first time. The team made the announcement just as they revealed that the “prerelease” version of Minecraft 1.2.5 is now available for download.

“We’ve discussed our short- and long-term plans for Minecraft, which includes stuff such as the modding API and making it easier to start servers to play with your friends and family on,” wrote Mojang’s Jens Bergensten in a blog post from earlier today. “The modding API will be designed and developed openly, to make sure we get important feedback from members of the community.”

“It will obviously be inspired by the team’s experience from CraftBukkit, but will be created from scratch to avoid unnecessary dependencies on things that may not have been optimal in the past,” he continued. More details about how the modding API will work are sure to become available in the future.