Lovefilm’s streaming video-on-demand service, Lovefilm Instant, now offers full high-definition streams to customers in the UK and Germany, the company announced yesterday. A post on the company blog explains that on an Internet connection of at least 3 Mbps in speed, a 720p stream will be played by default, and on a connection of 12 Mbps, a 1080p stream will be played by default – on your desktop or laptop, anyway.

Full 1080p is so far unavailable on Xbox 360, where the highest possible resolution is 720p, and it’s even lower on PlayStation 3. On Sony’s console, you can get somewhere between standard definition and 720p at best, although the blog post promises the team are “working hard on bringing HD to Sony TVs & Blu-ray players, and to the PS3”. HD won’t be coming to the iPad any time soon though: they “don’t currently have studio rights to stream HD on iPad”.

“There are around 900 HD titles as we go live on 30th May – roughly 200 films and 700 TV episodes – and we’ll be adding more to the roster all the time,” reads the blog post, which can be found here. “Films in HD include those with an epic sweep, like The Way Back and Apocalypse Now; as well as LOVEFiLM Instant favourites like RED, Attack the Block, Eclipse and Gnomeo & Juliet.”