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The official North American packshots for Atlus’ upcoming horror-romance Catherine have been released, with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game displaying two distinctly different pieces of game artwork, both keeping in tone with the game’s suggestive nature and the lead female characters’ seductiveness.

The Xbox 360 packshot depicts Katherine, girlfriend of the game’s protagonist Vincent. Conversely, the PlayStation 3 packshot depicts Catherine, the sexy temptress with whom Vincent enjoys a drunken one night stand, setting up the plot of the game, which we detailed in our article here. You can click the thumbnails of the two packshots on the left to enlarge them.

While those who are lucky enough to own both consoles might pick a version based on its cover art, there are no significant differences between the games, and the cover art discrepancy seems to just be a stylistic choice. Since the European packshot has not yet been released, it’s uncertain whether the same two designs will be making their way to the UK.