Thorsten Heins, CEO of embattled smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion, has outlined a future for the BlackBerry 10 line of phones, according to ZDNet. While phones running on the new, QNX-based software platform won’t be released until early 2013, the company is planning a “device roadshow” during which they will demonstrate six new phones..

While the two flagship BlackBerry 10 phones, known among die-hard fans by their leaked codenames, London and Nevada, will clearly be the most exciting models, it’s hinted that four more mid-tier phones will be unveiled as well, before RIM shows off more emerging market models – a strange strategy, given their current strength in emerging markets.

A release schedule “meaningful to carriers” was also put forward by Heins, who also says that his “gut says launches every 12 to 15 months”, with “BlackBerry devices [which] will appeal to both corporate and consumer users”. This might lend some credence to rumours that RIM will release dual-SIM phones which allow independent business and personal numbers.