It seems that the GAME company, which encompasses both GAME and Gamestation stores, may be seriously struggling to stay afloat over the next few months. After weak Christmas sales, things seem to have gone from bad to worse for the company and things are looking pretty grim.

The year began after a shocking drop in sales of 17.5% over the eight weeks leading up to January 7th and was rapidly followed by rumours that the official website, used by hundreds of thousands of people every month, had been hacked and user details leaked.

The GAME company firmly denied that the hack had ever happened but, by that point, the damage had already been done. Amongst all this, the company openly admitted to it being unlikely they’ll be able to satisfy their creditors at the end of February, that would really be the beginning of the end.

Rumours began to circulate that the company would no longer be able to stock new titles and that seemed to come true when some users had trouble getting Resident Evil: Revelations. This Friday all major releases - Soul Calibur V, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - will be available thanks to support from big publishers, but that sort of thing can only go on for so long.

[source]Source: MCV[/source]