With last week’s announcement of Fallout: New Vegas, we decided to start thinking about other Fallout franchise spin-offs we would love to see. Immeasurable amounts of caffeine, creativity and carelessness (we spilled Dr Pepper everywhere) later, we settled on five very unique Fallout concepts. Without any further ado, and in no particular order, we present you the Fallouts of our dreams.

Fallout: Venice

Don’t pretend you don’t like the idea of gunning down Super Mutants from a gondola gently drifting a narrow Venetian canal. Of course, we’re talking about a post-apocalyptic Venice, so disregarding the fact the entire city would most likely be flooded by then, let’s take some artistic license here and suggest this: a fairly irradiated system of canals with tall, damaged buildings where ammunition conservation and planning your travel carefully are ever more important to overcome your enemies.

Fallout: New York

This one is almost a given. New York’s expansive urban area and recognisable landmarks make for an awesome post-apocalyptic role-playing experience. If the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3 appealed to you, surely the more urban environment of New York would be even better. It’s been confirmed that the buildings in New Vegas are fairly intact, so a fairly intact New York wouldn’t be entirely out-of-the-ordinary. Besides, Americans seem to love seeing the Statue of Liberty destroyed.

Fallout: Dubai

It’s one of the most manufactured places in the world, and thanks to The World, a carefully designed archipelago of over three hundred artificial islands, you’ll practically have the opportunity to explore the entire world. To quote a certain celebrity figure: “isn’t that great?” For those a little less ecstatic about the ridiculous amount of money Dubai has poured into relatively useless projects such as the archipelagos in the past years, calm yourself with the prospect of seeing it destroyed in high-definition.

Fallout: London

As I currently live in Scotland, would generally describe myself as Scottish, and have a fondness for the country in which I live, many people expect me, amongst other things, to dislike the English. While I don’t own a kilt or a set of bagpipes or drink copious amounts of whiskey, I’m going to have to admit to a dislike of the English. I can’t decide whether it’s their stupid accents, their holier-than-thou attitude to their northern cousins or their God damn Queen, but I’m taking quite nicely to the idea of a thoroughly nuked London.

Fallout: Tokyo

I’m sorry, Japan. You’re a really awesome country, even with the seriously weird stuff you keep coming up with, and you’ve already had enough nuclear activity thanks to those bastard Americans. I’m really sorry, I am. Nevertheless, we should totally (tastefully) depict your capital city devastated and irradiated beyond recognition. Gamers are sadists, and so you of all should be able to sympathise with that.

Photo attribution time! Thank the following Flickr users for embracing the Creative Commons and letting us bastardise their photographs: MorBCN, Catsper, clarrisa~, and millzero.