Sauropod Studio’s Castle Story looks really promising. It also looks like it could steal a whole lot of attention from Mojang’s Minecraft. Built in the popular Unity engine and development environment, the game features the same kind of sandbox environment as Minecraft, but it’s insanely gorgeous and controlled from a third-person perspective with point-and-click controls; players use the mouse to issue commands to cute little yellow characters called “Bricktrons” which fight enemies, gather resources, and build things.

The two-man team, based in Montréal, Canada, consists of François Alain and Germain Couët, two graduates of game design looking to break into the games industry and ultimately land full-time jobs, but Castle Story itself has seen a gigantic amount of support already after an introductory video was spread across social media websites including reddit. The eleven minute video demonstration, which showed off the controls, visuals, and construction potential, has driven the team’s official Facebook page up to 1,283 likes at time of writing.

Sauropod Studio’s site is still under construction, with a blog that only reads “thanks for being patient while we get our shit together”, and only the aforementioned video and a handful of screenshots to show they have a game in development, but Castle Story still looks promising. Even in the early alpha stage demonstrated, it already looks like a game that could steal Minecraft’s crown as indie monarch later this year. If all goes well, Alain and Couët might not have to worry about landing a job.

You can find Sauropod Studio’s official website here, or jump straight to the Castle Story introductory video on YouTube here. We’re currently trying to get in touch with the team and find out more about the project. Stay tuned!