Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience will officially open on July 20th, BBC Worldwide announced today. The award-winning attraction invites visitors to take part in their own “Doctor Who”-themed adventure; it’s the very first interactive Doctor Who exhibition, originally opening in London last year, and now it will make its permanent home not far from the show’s set.

“[The exhibition] is going to be just minutes away from where the BBC Wales television series is made, which I’m incredibly excited about,” said Philip Murphy from BBC Worldwide. “The Experience sets out to engage visitors’ imaginations from the outset, immersing them in the world of Doctor Who, and what better place to do this than in Cardiff, the home of the show.”

The exhibition is regularly updated, and on its opening in Cardiff, attendees will be presented for the first time with the Doctor’s cradle from “A Good Man Goes to War”, and the Silence spaceship and Matt Smith’s sonic cane from “Let’s Kill Hitler”. More are promised, but are being kept firmly under wraps until the opening date.

Tickets for the Cardiff exhibition will become available from 10 AM on June 14th. You can find out more on the official Doctor Who Experience website, which is currently being updated, here.