Burnout Paradise is the latest instalment in the Burnout series. Drive up and down Paradise City doing races, stunt runs, marked man, road rage events, and more! Here, I’ll give you the run down.


Burnout Paradise is the first Burnout game to feature an open world – something that is becoming increasingly popular in modern games. This open world is called Paradise City, and you’re given permission to drive around the city’s expansive landscape at your leisure. There are tons of hidden billboards and private property signs around town for you to smash, and it’s quite the challenge to find them all.

The real meat of the game is events. When you reach an intersection, you can hold L2 and R2 to start one of the many different challenges that Burnout fans know and love, such as Marked Man, or Races. For every event you beat, you get a mark on your license, and sometimes the possibility to earn a new car.

For every street there are also “road rules”, basically high scores for that street. There’s a road rule for the fastest run down that street, and for the largest crash on that street.


This game is beautiful. Every element of the city is highly detailed and tastefully designed. The sights you can get in Paradise make it a fun place to explore. The game is also packed with slow-motion action views which occur when you pull off a super-jump, or crash your car in some spectacular fashion. The slow motion lets you see all the details, like your shattered windscreen, or the one tire slowly rolling away from your wreck.

Sound and Music

The sound effects in this game are spot on, and fit in well with the general presentation of the game. EA provides a very large soundtrack with very few good tunes. Among them are Guns ‘N’ Roses’ titular Paradise City, Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Rock, and seemingly every song from previous Burnout Games. In the game’s latest update, you are granted the strange gift of over 20 classical tunes. Fortunately the game lets you build your own soundtrack of music from your PS3’s library.

Interface and Presentation

The Heads Up Display (HUD) for Burnout is fairly simple. There’s a compass, a street sign navigator (sort of like a GPS, it tells you when to turn in a race or a marked man), a mini-map, and a boost gauge. From time to time, your car radio will play some helpful advice from DJ Atomika on the Crash FM radio station. The overall presentation of the game is really polished.

With tons of vehicles, lots of things to do, a beautiful open world, and a decent soundtrack; this is a definite must-have for any fan of the Burnout series, and any PS3 owner who likes driving games.