UK radio station Classic FM’s “Hall of Fame” runs a 300-strong list of the finest compositions as voted by the general public every year, but it doesn’t seem an orchestral video game theme has ever made it into the semi-prestigious collection: and that’s what this movement is trying to fix. Co-ordinated primarily through Facebook and Twitter, a gaming group is making efforts to push Nobuo Uematsu’s “Aerith’s Theme” from cult classic Final Fantasy VII into the Hall of Fame.

Voting for the Classic FM Hall of Fame is now open until February 29th, accepting entries from all over the world; you can vote on the official website here. The movement is encouraging gamers to vote for whatever pieces they want, but vote for “Aerith’s Theme” in addition, just to ensure something makes it in; you can find out more on the official Facebook page for “Get Video Games Music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame” here, or on the @ClassicVGMusic Twitter feed here.