The seventh instalment of the Star Wars saga, and the first to be helmed by J.J. Abrams rather than George Lucas, will begin shooting in London before the end of this year, the director has confirmed. He remarked that the decision to shoot in the UK “really does make me insane”, and that it is an inconvenience to his wife and children.

“We are, most likely, if all goes as planned, going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the Star Wars movie,” Abrams told the Produced By Conference on Saturday. Shooting in London was already widely reported, but the clear deadline for the start of principal photography is new.

Abrams also spoke briefly about the way in which he hoped to tackle the franchise: “It is so massive and so important to people. I think the key to moving forward on something like this is honouring but not revering what came before.”

The film is slated to hit cinema screens in 2015.